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Headline of the day

Never a dull moment in 75 years of weather forecasting

Quote of the day below said headline:

“The challenges we face have changed because society has changed,” said Met Éireann head of forecasting Gerald Fleming.

Followed in very close second by this one:

“The first director general of RTÉ [Edward J Roth] did not last all that long but he was from the US where weather broadcasting was a big deal and he insisted it was needed,” Mr Fleming said.

“If it weren’t for him it might have been a long time before we had televised weather forecasts.”

Source: The Irish Times


An honourable mention goes to a completely unrelated online article which began “Anti-nausea treatment is not an exact science…”

David Lynch Weather Forecaster

I hope if, as rumoured, David Lynch is retiring as a film maker he will embrace his second calling that of Weather Forecaster. Mr Lynch is one of my favourite weather forecasters. He forecasts reliably from a single cigarette smoke cloud and  a cup of coffee, staring out the window. He only discusses the weather in Los Angeles and could expand a bit up the coast here without cluttering matters up.

Mr Lynch is also a formidable woodworker. Sometimes he posts snaps of his projects on Twitter. A bunch of how to make cupboards with no fancy tools videos on youtube would also be another welcome contribution to this second floor enclave.  My current how to make cupboards viewing consists of a headless Texan who has way too many tools, but affectionately talks about making cupboards for his “man cave”.  (Thankfully it’s not his Bat Cave).

On Guard!


“A Class 1 hurricane-strength windstorm is expected to slam into the entire B.C. coast Wednesday morning.

Environment Canada issued a severe weather alert Tuesday for the coast and immediate inland sections, including Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley”

CBC News


Mrsokana or Mrs Oskana as she’s occasionally renamed, your trusty literary weather forecaster, will obviously be in residence keeping an eye out and providing reports, gust par gust.

Hold onto your bonnets, boil the kettle & tie down anything that rattles…

Today’s variety of sunshine is in the “definitely not the dining room light dimmer switch” category. It’s full on pixels. Leaves bright mustard a la Blackpool illuminations.

Did I mention that my favourite weather forecaster ever is filmmaker/artist/woodwork maestro David Lynch?  His weather forecasts are sporadic, atmospheric and he has a lovely gravelly delivery, but he only forecasts/reports LA weather.  I wish he’d set up a channel and weather station and go international.