Anakana Schofield – Author of Bina, Martin John and Malarky

Middling: A Berlin Chronicle

“It is likely that no one ever masters anything in which he has not known impotence; and if you agree, you will also see that this impotence comes not at the beginning of or before the struggle with the subject, but in the heart of it…” Walter Benjamin, A Berlin Chronicle from Reflections. Translated by Edmund Jephcott

“The great hope, desire, yearning to reach  — in a state of intoxication — the new, the untouched, scarcely takes wing on this occasion; instead they are attained in a weary, submerged, indolent, inert stroll downhill. ”

On Hashish. Walter Benjamin.

I have discovered having a fever, flu and reading The Arcades Project co-exist very well together.

Especially the section on fashion.

enchanter encounter

P12 The Arcades Project, quelle surprise, I’ve already read you. Walter, we met before, nach bhfuil?