Anakana Schofield – Author of Bina, Martin John and Malarky

Tea blend #9

The Almost a Snowy Day blend.


1 spoon of Murchies Earl Grey

1 spoon of Steeps Silver Tip Earl Grey.

(I may regret this — will let you know. It’s a lot of Bergemot but the cup will be carefully selected to contrast. Industrial mug perchance? To offset?)


A much loved friend bought me two tins of tea from New York recently that I have yet to crack. Small round tins. They look so delicious closed it’s a shame to disturb them.

The next blend may therefore be called: Disturbing New York tea blend #10.


Dozy despite the buzz tea blend.

The tea blends are making a comeback.

Today, an afternoon blend.

-A teaspoon of an old Steeps tin of Lapsong Suchong

-A teaspoon and a bit of Murchies Earl Grey (black blend).

It hit the tongue and the back of the throat and to be honest was a reminder of how out of blend I am. I let it steep in the cup too long I fear and must remember that two strong whiffs do not the best combination make.

Buzz akin to a table saw rather than the Happy Days lift I was after.

Blend on …