Anakana Schofield – Author of Bina, Martin John and Malarky

Summer memories

I was just remembering my youthful summers. I spent much of summer upside down standing on my hands like Pippi Longstocking. I wonder if spending a great deal of time upside down and air borne makes any discernible difference to one’s brain. That is a question for the neurologists and neuro-scientists out there. I wonder if I’d spent less time upside down, would I be any taller or anymore proficient at cookery? I do not think so.
In other profound summer news, we ate the first summer courgettes this week. My peas have barely broken the soil, but those courgettes are exploding. It’s remarkably hot, so hot we look like gouty Victorian era types — supine with a bank of fans. You cannot rise or stand up because the fan breeze is not powerful nor extensive. There’s something quite wonderful about endeavouring only to occupy a vague triangle of air. It finally gives algebra a purpose.

Lost sneeze weather

Today a darkening series of rainclouds closed in on us over several hours until they finally conceded to burst their banks. But the waiting was like missing a sneeze that kept threatening return. Except there was no light to entice it with! (If you miss a sneeze, look at the light so the saying goes)

At the pet shop (guinea pig hay supplies) the woman behind the counter compared notes with me on how she had processed the darkness according to her working day. I looked out thought it must be 7pm,  it wasn’t yet 3 she said.