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It was always women who were publishing Joyce…” Sylvia Beach (Self Portrait)

(“My bewk will never come out” Joyce to Sylvia)

Headline of the day

Never a dull moment in 75 years of weather forecasting

Quote of the day below said headline:

“The challenges we face have changed because society has changed,” said Met Éireann head of forecasting Gerald Fleming.

Followed in very close second by this one:

“The first director general of RTÉ [Edward J Roth] did not last all that long but he was from the US where weather broadcasting was a big deal and he insisted it was needed,” Mr Fleming said.

“If it weren’t for him it might have been a long time before we had televised weather forecasts.”

Source: The Irish Times


An honourable mention goes to a completely unrelated online article which began “Anti-nausea treatment is not an exact science…”

RTE have not uploaded access outside Ireland to the Freefall series. From what I gathered about the first one, it was much avert thy gaze and blithering. Still would like to see it. In the meantime Prime Time have a cheery report on the disaster in the bonds market and ongoing FF scuppering.  Also, I note a return to the new version of the CE scheme where you work 19 hours just for your dole?! As opposed to 20 hours for a third more than your dole.Human Inflation? The talking heads at the dole office were great, pointing out what the govt appears to miss that er, people want to work there’s no jobs for them! thanks to the great blow, swindle and economic toilet flush.

The quantity of these uninhabited ghost estates (I had noted them in rural Ireland gouging into the land and tacking themselves onto villages) and the matter that the bulldozer may now visit them … Jeeeesus. Squint left, squint right — how’d we end up here again? Really wish they’d uploaded the RTE documentary on this last night. Hearing about it, and grabbing bits of it here and there. Just plain batty. And yet we saw it. It was happening everywhere you looked. And yet? And yet if NAMA owns them, then they belong to the tax payer and should be streamlined into social housing projects. The strange thing about them was you’d look at them twice and wonder who’d want to live in them, but you’d never contemplate there wouldn’t be anyone to live in them.

I remember the original stab at affordable housing during the boom years produced only completely unaffordable housing.