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Little Tokyo in the Industrial Playground

Great night at the Little Tokyo in the Industrial Playground opening at the Firehall Arts Centre — Go see Jeremy Isao Speier’s installation, it looks amazing in that space. Thanks to everyone for the discourse on the Rolf Knight extracts I read. I really enjoyed thinking about our city’s industrial playgrounds and their eradication. I hope some kind of collaborative essay series may emerge out of our discussion.

Now it’s time to cook a frozen curry.

A Man of Our Times

This really is an incredible resource where you can read Rolf Knight’s books

I had an engrossing time today reading A Man of Our Times The life-history of a Japanese-Canadian fisherman (1976, 105 pp). 

A brief life history of a Japanese-Canadian fisherman, logger, socialist union organizer and editor from his arrival in British Columbia in 1910 to the early 1970s. Includes an overview of Japanese-Canadian labour history and is unique in its account of the internal class struggles within that community as well as the struggle against racism.


“…Mr. Knight was asked his reaction to the happy news about his memoir being named a “lost gem.”

‘God knows what that means,’  the 75-year-old writer said. ‘That’s the kind of puffery that booksellers put out.’…”


From here (including very daft and garbled headline)