Anakana Schofield – Author of Bina, Martin John and Malarky


Dear friends,

Here is a blast of warming for you all during these darker winter days.  Today we have a wind warning for overnight, but the world is quite still and almost a tad pulpy looking out there. Wherever you are I hope you enjoy this collaboration. I especially appreciated the hilly twinkles in the piece Pendulum. On an off beat note, I did wonder how the Mr Fain fiddler manages to play all those notes in such a restrictive jacket and how he doesn’t overheat. I wrote many parts of my novel Malarky listening to Metamorphosis 4 on repeat. I wonder if you can hear it under the prose.

I send you all my best Winter warmth and gratitude for your warm support throughout the year for Malarky. AK.



In recent days I was thinking about the concept of distance. Today I listened to an interview with Philip Glass in which he remarked that an opera usually is 8 to 10 years behind in terms of its first staging. So there will be a staging of an opera and then 8-10 years may pass before it’s restaged or picked up upon. I found this lag or distance curious and wondered which other art forms the same might be applied or uncovered? Also where does this put the composer in relation to the work if the world’s catching up after the fact. Is she/he essentially chronically dystopic? (or peri-lunar?)

Philip Glass just put me on the moon. I went to see him with my favourite person in the world and was transported into the outer echelons of something, some other.

Thanks to Gma for the tickets, without which I never could have lifted off.

I wonder if he realizes that small ten year old ears were listening to him. Small ears that are distinguishing their own notes in the world right now. And middle aged ears that can no longer distinguish so much, but are available and up for and very much need transportation.