Anakana Schofield – Author of Martin John and Malarky


Isn’t this a hopeful form or structure for a novel it occurred to me as I read this definition seconds ago.

“Clinamen (pronounced /klaɪˈneɪmɛn/, plural clinamina, derived from clīnāre, to incline) is the Latin name Lucretius gave to the unpredictable swerve of atoms, in order to defend the atomistic doctrine of Epicurus.
According to Lucretius, the unpredictable swerve occurs ‘at no fixed place or time'”


















Malarky, my novel, is now on Amazon sites (incl UK) for pre-order! I love the cover. She’s handsome.  Click on the image to add it to your bookshelves.

Film fest time means curling queues on grid like streets.  I was thinking of going to see a doc on Norman Bateson — hence the essay link. Then I switched thought to heading out to Alan Gilsenan’s Liamy Clancy doc, but a walk in our lucky to be dry evening sent me home back to Eileen Myles novel Inferno instead. If I want New York, I got New York right here in this here bewk.

Co incidentally I appear to have painted my nails the same colour as the cover.