Anakana Schofield – Award Winning Author of Bina, Martin John and Malarky

Welcome Irish & British readers

A big hearty welcome to British and Irish readers. I am delighted Malarky is now published in the UK and Ireland. (and Aus, NZ, S Africa, India & all commonwealth countries). I very much hope you find my novel engaging and thank you most sincerely for reading it.

There was a lovely review in Saturday’s Irish Independent and a nice shout out from Colum McCann in today’s Sunday Independent, Colum  chose Malarky as one of his summer recommendations. Thank you to Colum, a writer I have long admired and respected.

This week I am in Dublin doing interviews about Malarky. I’ll be on TV3 The Morning Show on Wednesday.  I am enjoying being home. The big story is my sister’s greyhound Sally. I send special love out to greyhound owners, rescue services, since this dog is exceptional. Affectionate and both snoozy and sweet. (Not quite what I envisaged from a greyhound). Today we walked along the canal with her. I am not so much of a dog person, but Sally has converted me to these wonderful creatures. I may have to revise my ambition to be reincarnated as a penguin.

There was patchy drizzle this morning in Dublin, which by night gave way to a stronger downpour. Gardens are looking terrific from the recent hot spell. And it’s good to have access to Cadbury’s Turkish Delight and more importantly lively exchange and great friends.

Next week I will be in London talking to the media about Malarky. If you wish to interview me please do contact either me ( or my publicist Henry Jeffreys at Oneworld in London. Or Cormac Kinsella my publicist in Dublin.

More weather reports to follow.

Best to all for now, AK.

London the health resort

Here it is as promised a few days ago another snip from William Macrie’s The Diary of a London Explorer (1934)

From the section entitled What is London?

“London’s master problem is gambling. There is no drink problem.

London is a health resort. According to Dr. Saleeby London’s water is the finest in the world. See Naples and die. See London and live.

London’s greatest glory is its port.”

I should explain that Macrie founded The London Explorers Club and this book documents his walks and various engagements with his city and its surrounding areas.


I have to confess the entire time I lived in London I did not detect any noticeable health benefits from the experience. Maybe I needed to spend more time at the port to acquire them!

Major treat I just tripped over… The Pothole Gardener! Lovely idea.


Beautifully articulated. Very moving indeed. Especially the final poem.