Anakana Schofield – Author of Bina, Martin John and Malarky

Today we had a revisit from the particular light I mentioned previous, except this time it had a new added particular about it.

Firstly I witnessed it above/on an expanse of road, rather than a street corner. The particular light was sneaking over and across a bunch of sunken grey cloud. The added particular was this masking of grey that reminded me of the smog when Burns Bog caught fire.

I ended up viewing the light high up in a building half an hour later east rather than west. It had acquired a Turkish pink hue.

That’s actually two new particulars. I am live in the act of misremembering, which segues nicely to a radio piece I heard not long after clocking the light(s).

It was a discussion about the dehumanizing aspect of certain technologies, specifically recording technologies that indicate every interaction with every single person we meet must be documented by these technologies. (They were originally designed for military purposes) The woman interviewed described how this robs us of forgetting, misremembering or embellishing memories so they take on whole new extras. She pointed out that the act of failing etc to remember is important to us. What a relief to hear this, since I have been concerned at recent inability to remember certain things and my increasing preponderance to misidentifying people. (is that failure to identify and encroaching visual blindness?)

We have just had a particular light, on a particular street corner, for a particular time of year.

It was the light of dusk falling, without rain to blemish it, the air so cold but the street lights and people sat in the window bounced off each other and the sky, in compliment.

I wonder of the particular light in other places at this hour of the day. (4.17 pm precisely)