Anakana Schofield – Author of Bina, Martin John and Malarky


Thank you so much to everyone who came out to Not Sent Letters at VIVO on Saturday night. The documentation for the event is on both the Not Sent Letters blog and youtube I believe. Our piece Walkers had some technical challenges being documented and another version with inserts from the text projection will likely replace the one that’s up there.

It was such an intriguing process for me creating this piece with Leanne. The process mainly was built around and out of response. I can’t quite describe why it was a very different way of working for me (since I’ve built other platforms of response ), but it was. The piece will also be published in some format.


Saturday will see the launch of the first in the series of publications for Rereading the Riot Act, (published by Publication Studio Vancouver) a project I curated with Unit/Pitt.

The first publication is by leannej and is called Re-Reading the Riot Act. Cycles One through Five. It’s a wonderful book, I am very excited to have it as our Number One.

Each publication will now form a continued departure in the project. I am conceiving of the publications as remixes. They will be paste-up and delivered as incarnations. I’m quite keen to move away from the sequential delivery of information and ideas. Eclipse has been a strong theme throughout this project, so this will also inform the publications.

The publication process prompted me to reconfigure my conception of essays, catalogues as recordings. I am much more curious about a process that facilitates further response and departure. Outwards rather than backwards. I am grateful for what this challenge to my original idea affords and am looking forward to the dialogue that evolves. I’ve been galvanized researching & noticing the forms of publishing in and around labour, labour activity, recording and documentation related to labour and labour history in this city and province. It’s v rich and I do not understand why it’s become obscured rather than explored.

Rereading the Riot Act II Performance Art Cabaret June 15, 2011 @ Waldorf Hotel

Rereading the Riot Act II Performance Art Cabaret