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Fog followed rain

I must pause to record the first rainfall warning of the season last week. Perhaps two rainfall warnings or perhaps one that lasted 2 days. It was a relentless rain that fell. Grey on waking, grey on sleeping, lashing in between.

Hark today we are back with megawatty sun bright! But what came in between, what came by chance was eiderdown to the mind. Yesterday driving North in Washington there sat fog. By the side of the road fog. Small bowls of fog. I was tempted to call it rolling fog but it wasn’t rolling. It was sitting in a bowl-shaped-pudding fog.

I was puzzling out whether this was particular only to Washington State, when I found more patches of it sat identically on the side of the road once I crossed the border. Curiously though on the Canadian side it was more square-shaped. Are we therefore square to Washington’s pudding?!


Teashops they are a changing. Yesterday I met my first ultra slick and swifto tea hustlers. Usually teashops have one man, bedraggled or reading a mystery novel at the back or a hung over student or a woman juggling the dishwasher and the tea selling. Not yesterday’s encounter. It was doubles tennis rebound tea selling. I have never seen so many people selling tea in such a small space. And selling tea swifter than the sample could traverse the tongue. So you’ll be wrapping that tea up and taking that tea home will you? Unfortunately the tea in question was sweetened and decorated beyond recognition — it tasted like tea-ish cool aid.

What can we deduce? The Venture Capitalists have landed on the tea leaf. Still enthusiasm for the leaf is never an entirely unhappy thing, just in this case a tad pressured and go easy on the sweetener.


I faithfully disagree with Colm Tóibín’s point in his weekend Irish Times interview about tea in the novel. You can never have too much tea in a novel dude. Tea is the word. True progress will announce itself when beds come with built-in kettles. (along with my other unrelated but much belaboured desire for 24 hour swimming pools).


There’s just an incredible FOG event taking place this evening in Vancouver. It began just after the sun went down and is a stunner.

There is even a signature smell to the Fog. There was a foggy moon, a foggy City Hall and a puffing action of the fog in the street lamps. Honestly it looked the light was smoking a pipe up there.

This has to be one of my all time favourite fog events. Especially coming after such a clear sunny day. Hereafter shall be known as the surprising fog event. The photo evidence shall follow.

Quite an extraordinary fog event is taking place outside. It is the strongest fog event so far this Autumn and in my particular 2m of it it is infused with a profuse smell of skunk.

Hitherto referred to as the skunky fog event.


The precise patch where the woman exclaimed on the leaves the other day was being packed inside a dozen banana boxes when I passed it the next day. I found that terribly organized collecting leaves into boxes. I wonder if they’re being shipped somewhere!

The young man scooping them up even had a dolly for the boxes.


It’s a low one. My weather station suggests 6.7 degrees, but may be sluggish about the batteries. Environment Canada says it’s 8 degrees and foggy. That would be the third fog event this season.

The kettle is on! The blankets are primed! Uncork the hot water bottle….


Weather exile, nay exhilaration

Fog (Sun eve) my first official note of fog amid bewilderment as to whether in actual fact I merely need new glasses.

Fog – rain – rain – wind (bit) – immense over cast grey bulge — rain – rain – rain.

This morning it’s confirmed a La Nina Winter Forecast for us this winter. What this means will become apparent as I continue “past-casting”.


In Murakami weather moments I can report a degree of exhilaration running with water dripping off my sleeves and nose and eyelashes. I passed a completely bereft park and laughed out loud at how ridiculous running in pouring rain is.

But I admired the 8 people out strolling under umbrellas yesterday.

Saturday morning treat: Weather symbols of Japan. 

My favourite is fog






Heavy thunderstorm has a solid charm about it too


This description of the fog in relation to yesterday’s tragic air crash in Cork: to not be able to see your cattle as you’re driving them is unusual and an extremity of fog surely.

“According to a local farmer who lives on lower ground than the airport, the fog was so heavy at 9.45am yesterday that he could not see his cattle as he was driving from a field just before the crash and he predicted the fog would be even worse up at the airport.”

Insomnia fog

One of the good things about insomnia is, occasionally, during a bout, a weather event is glimpse-able

I am able to report at 2.14am there is a significant fog event underway in Vancouver.

It has already settled in around the lamp posts and coddled its way over the light, lessening the orange from it significantly.

Would I rather be asleep than making these observations? Perhaps and yet no. I’d rather be asleep with these observations.

Tonight between 12 midnight and 5.59 there will be patches of fog… (sorry I can’t be more specific so fog lovers can set the alarm & head off for a tramp about)

Last night we had a most Pineapple storm. It reminded me of the time I attempted to wash my sister’s hair in hospital, having no control over the handheld shower yoke over the sink, I didn’t pay attention and near drowned the poor creature.  In the light of the lamp posts the rain was being blown circular like the roll of a wave. It was also being blasted from a Southerly direction into percussive splattering on the window and roof. Hours and hours it went on. Lightning too. Thunder maybe.

I have looked out. It is dark. I see no sign of fog. However my view is somewhat obliterated by a large burdened tree.

My compatriot on the couch did not see fog on his drive here.

I did spot another fine green bean in my greenhouse contraption.


I quickly note there is fog in the forecast tonight.

That is by my counting the first fog of the season.