Anakana Schofield – Author of Bina, Martin John and Malarky

1935 was an interesting year for sports in Vancouver between boxing, golf & swimming, however the snippet that really charmed was this one:

“In badminton, Eileen Underhill, who had been four times B.C. mixed doubles champions (1928-31) did it again this year. ”

Source: The History of Metropolitan Vancouver (Chuck Davis)

We take our badminton seriously in this family, especially the males, both Vancouver-born males who both play badminton very well. Once I was playing “mess about” with my son at the community centre and this fella wobbled up. He was from Kitimat and used to play badminton quite seriously. He was an older, retired man who had since seriously done in his knee. He took my raquet and went a few rounds. You could really see the player he’d once been, in Kitimat way back. He was in his element, despite only have one reliable leg to land on. Badminton has that unifying effect on people. Except me. I am hopeless at it and prefer knitting while others play. At least it is not played inside an icerink. For that I am grateful.

Here’s a picture of Eileen Underhill.


In 1935 the weather forecast was given a regal column and divided into three parts. (Or it sat above these other two sections this scan is v hard to read)


Coastwise Movements

The Tides (including graphics that epxlained the moon?)

It was a 36 hour forecast that was given including barometric pressure predictions. On this particular Monday in April maybe the 27th date is missing)  Vancouver and vincinity — Strong winds or gales, mostly East with South, mild with rain.

The weather forecast also included a section entitled Synopsis. Tomorrow I will share the synopsis with you.

Mrs Steeves

“He has come out in the open at last and shown himself for the fascist leader that he is ”

Mrs Steeves, MLA for North Vancouver, April 24th 1935 on Mayor G G McGeer’s reading of the riot act.