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October 17, 2011

Late to the gate I may be, but I am on fire having caught up with the details of Theresa Treacy vs the ESB and eirGrid (however the hell you spell it).

I think Theresa should get the Nobel for standing up to these bullies. I am sick to the back teeth of women being bullied this way. (And believe me I have come up against bullies myself this year) To think she was languishing in a prison cell, while these madman duffers are barrelling across her land on Quads and pulping her trees to the ground.

Sweet effin’ Jesus.

On the upside, when I read about the courage and steadfast determination she displayed it reminds me there’s nothing like the determined Irish woman. I am delighted to be the offspring of one and the descendent of many more. My mother reported she’d her own words had with the ESB when they came onto her land and flattened all her grass. No better woman for the job!

It reminds me how much I miss such women in my daily life. I can hear the echos of them as I type and they make me smile. And you’ll be able to meet one in my forthcoming novel Malarky this spring.

March 31, 2008


Quelle catastrophe! What is happening in CBC land …? A process of alienation of the most devoted listeners. All the good aspects slowly being dissolved like vitamin powder in water.

 The disbanding of the Radio Orchestra is unfathomable. 

 Stand up, speak out, pound your fists on the door people. The lunacy in suits are taking a slash hook to the arts, while filling up excel spread sheets, with middle manager smiles.  Much blather about redirecting the money, CBC Radio Orchestra was only about ever about music, and Canadian composers and it should be left well enough alone and effort instead  made to entice people out of their living rooms to hear its blessed sounds.  

May the protest rise…

more here

and here with hockey analogy

March 9, 2007

And down came the flag

Enjoyed this story:

 Vandals have stolen the huge Olympic flag that has been flying at Vancouver City Hall the past year.

Police say someone broke the lock on the flag pole early Tuesday, cut the rope, brought the flag down to the ground and then ripped it off the cable.

Just a small strip of cloth, about 10 centimetres by a metre, was left behind.

 It must be said that it was quite athletic feat to get the thing down, not entirely sure why they are calling them “vandals” ..they’re obviously activists. The average vandal doesn’t shimmy up a pole to make a point, usually a can of spray paint or a brick suffices. The flag dipped just as some important international crowd was arriving to celebrate it I believe.

February 18, 2007

City in the turbine

So here’s something peculiar, there has been an explosion in the number of place to get your nails attended to. I cannot fathom where all these extra nails are coming from. If there was a population explosion … those nails would not be needing such extreme attention, just a pair of 75 cent scratch mitts. 

Along with the now familiar sight of big pits dug everywhere awaiting the pouring of foundations for half million dollar condominiums (often where rental buildings used to stand –I’ve counted three flattened in a few block radius from here) it’s becoming apparent that folks will only be able to drink coffee, get their nails done and have the choice of fourteen sofa shops. They will be unlikely to be able to buy a loaf of bread or pint of milk because of the way the city is changing. Jane Jacobs warned of the dangers of this.

It’s all part of the turbine that’s decimating the place in advance of the 2010 olympics. I love the luge and the bobsleigh like any other, but the socio-economic inequality and further poverty that’s a byproduct of this turbine is frightening: there’s no mention of plans for social housing, the cost of living is hopping up, the ordinary citizens are dodging swinging cranes and closed pavements while some property developer rubs his tummy. Sport should be for and of the people. They raised a flag to celebrate three years til the event. (To a chorus of nearby protests) The big sweeping brush is getting ready. To dispose of “eyesores”, to push people further to the margins, to create new cycles of poverty. The sport gets lost in all the click of powerpoint presentations, the bidding for marketing contracts, the building of audacious facilities. Yet the actual sport has far more incommon with surviving the adversity of the alleys in the city, gathering up empties. Nobody ever won the bobsleigh clicking on a computer.