Anakana Schofield – Award Winning Author of Bina, Martin John and Malarky

January 10, 2013

CBC Radio NXNW interview

Anakana Schofield’s first novel is called “Malarky.” It’s the story of a middle-aged everywoman we know as Our Woman. She’s a woman who will not be sunk even though she’s being forced to look grief right in the eye.

Sheryl’s interview with author Anakana Schofield will air Sunday morning May 6th after the 8:30 news.

“I loved this novel, I was gobsmacked” Sheryl Mackay.—malarky/


July 28, 2012

Toronto Star calls Malarky fascinating, absolutely beautiful

Insightful review and perspective on Malarky from Georgie Binks in today’s Toronto Star. Great to have this reflection on the book as it speaks to the inner monologues of everyday folk. This piece about Malarky also deals with the book that was written, rather than speculating on or demanding the one that wasn’t, which is ditto cheering.

Some clips from the review:

“Malarky is a fascinating voyage into the mind of a woman embattled but surviving during and after the deaths of her husband and son, the latter being the true tragedy from which she must recover. The central character of the book, Philomena a.k.a. “Our Woman,” is kind enough to share the running commentary of her life in an Irish patter that could easily mirror the thoughts of many women at mid-life, if in fact, mid-life these days is when the kids have left and the husband has died or departed.

Schofield admits, “I wrote that book unapologetically for and about women. I find the ordinary working class woman fascinating. I like to write about ordinary people who usually don’t get written about.”

“…”What I love about Malarky is the absolutely beautiful, almost lyrical, but very simple turns of phrase Schofield employs. Little truths like her observations that youth is not wasted on the young but that age is wasted on the old or that widows — first considered a novelty — soon become the remnants of the person who is gone.”

Click here to read the entire Toronto Star review of Anakana Schofield’s novel Malarky

July 21, 2012

Malarky invited to Wordstock Portland Book Festival

I was delighted to hear the news I have been invited to Wordstock the Portland Book Festival in the Fall. I am excited to visit Portland as I’ve never been.

Thank you indeed to Wordstock for the invitation.