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BINA, BINA, BINA is on her way to you

I am happy to report that my third novel BINA – A Novel in Warnings (Bina is pronounced BYE-NA not BEE-NA”)  will be published in Spring 2019.

I look forward to seeing many of you on the road and introducing you to Our Bina. Bina is a novel about a woman who has had eeenough!

I am very grateful for your continued readership and support.



5 Responses to “BINA, BINA, BINA is on her way to you”

  • Herbert M Wyman MD says:

    So looking forward to #3!

  • alan bourne says:

    I enjoyed the novel Bina. Initially, I struggled a bit and wasn’t sure I would continue. But the more I read the more I became engaged in listening to Bina and wanting to understand her troubles. I found myself becoming wrapped in her struggle and sympathizing with her sense of dilemma. I think there’s a timely message here.

    Perhaps it’s age but Bina touched me more than either Malarky or Martin John. A fine story. Thank you, Anakana Schofield.

  • Anakana says:

    Thank you Alan. I appreciate your readership.

  • Pat Dota says:

    Hi there,

    I just wanted you to know that I went to see you in Hudson. I admit I had trouble getting through Malarky prior to seeing you, due to the troubling relationship between mother and son. After listening to you explain how it is meant to provoke strong feelings, I ended up enjoying your book, and have already purchased Bina.
    Funny thing, my husband & I were driving to a funeral a few days ago. Maddeningly, he kept just under the speed limit (50k) and I kept thinking about that scenario in your book. I relaxed and chuckled to myself the rest of the way. (no he did not have a heart attack yet).
    Have a great day!

  • Anakana says:

    Thank you Pat! I appreciate you reading and coming to my Hudson event

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