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Dancers Dancing

Last week, Vancouver enjoyed one of my favourite annual festivals in the city Indian Summer Fest. Look at all these splendid human beings dancing. These photos snapped by this very weak photographer on a dying, ancient cellphone testify to two different events. The opening gala, with an electro tabla (sp?) and bhangra DJ set, and the closing event, which celebrated Bombay’s Jazz History through the entry point of Naresh Fernandes book on this history titled Taj Mahal Foxtrot. For the party, DJ Anjali busted out the bhangra tunes.

At the closing event, the young fella in blue had the most extraordinary dance moves, straight out of a Bollywood film. We were very taken with him. Aradhana Seth (who conducted a very fun photography project/ installation as part of the festival) alerted me to his greatness. He told me he was from Lahore, Pakistan and I told him I ate the best eggs of my life in Karachi and his friend of 20 years said things that I now forget because I was so busy telling both of them about those poached eggs. The man in the red or pink coat is our pal Anil, who has the best outfits at Indian Summer Fest each year without fail.

Indian Summer Fest also had a unique event which saw Helen Potrebenko’s novel Taxi! brought home to the city, which was remarkable. More on that to come.

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