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Podcast accomplishment

Lookie here, excellent news! Sherman Alexie and Jess Walter have started a podcast called A Tiny Sense of Accomplishment. I’m calling it the Spokane podcast because it will put Spokane on the map for those like me who have never been to Spokane and must just invent it. It’s very funny and lively and features fine people like the woman in episode two fresh from back surgery number trois with a gunky spine.

In episode one the depressed baby Cheston is a raver! There are pomes by the two dudes in Episode Two. And Polly, I think it is, takes the spine where yours we hope has never been and will never need to go. She is officially my favourite back patient ever. Polly for Prez. Back surgery will be covered on medical under Polly. Vote Polly!

All of which adds up to remind literature what it can learn from the video gamers who podcast 24 x 7 and manage to weigh in on what’s in Auntie Mildred’s freezer as they are trampling through whatever game they are playing. Also in a nice circle many gamers will probably eventually need back surgery so will appreciate Polly too.  See it’s a religious experience podcasting.

Episode one here

Episode two here

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