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The usefulness of Bruce Springsteen

I am surprised to learn how useful Bruce Springsteen is that he managed to propel this woman through at 26 mile marathon experience. 

“Marathon training has its highs and lows. As a huge Springsteen fan, his music makes up the majority of my training runs, the miles made marginally easier with a different live recording each Saturday. Psychologically, the distraction of a Springsteen set list has helped, but it is also reducing my stamina: jabbing my fingers to the sky, slapping my thigh to the beat and singing while running is not the best way to conserve energy. Plus, I think I’m starting to scare people.”

Hannah Summers writes a funny blog called burgersandbruce where she roams about giving plates of chips and solo burgers the profile they deserve.

It isn’t that I consider Mr Springsteen unuseful it’s just I see he may have new prowess when it comes to doing the hoovering or extremely tedious tasks that last 26 miles in duration. Since I have a pretty crappy hoover, it sometimes takes 26 miles of hoovering to lift the debris from my 400 square foot carpet. The other day I found a whole unpeeled mushroom lounging by the leg of the couch for example. It must have taken flight from the kitchen, which required it to steer left.

For my part my poor attempts at running rarely exceed 3K and involve Mandarin language classes in my ear, mixed up with dreadful rave music when I can take the pavement no longer.

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