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Communicable disease continuity

The communicable disease episode is now entering Day 5. Vancouver Coastal Health Authority helpfully tweeted me a link to a list of Norovirus outbreaks in hospitals and Senior Homes. Lionsgate Hospital had an outbreak recently. Anyway a heads up to prevent a head down: this door handle clutcher of a virus is whipping through the city and flattening folk. VCH do not record any data on outbreaks outside hospitals etc. This is a pity since people could be alerted if it was in their neighbourhood. It was also curious to learn that there’s a vaccine for Rotovirus (for kids) and that Rotovirus kills more than 453,000 children under 5 each year.

What made it all bearable was Saturday evening’s splendid wind event. A wind warning was issued for 70- 90 k/pr hr was issued early in the day. (I hope I have my days right it was either Saturday or Sunday they rather meld into one when you’re under viral overload.) This is the first time we managed to track the system from Vancouver Island until it landed her in YVR. It was helped by a fella on Twitter “I was born to forecast the weather in Nanaimo” is his tag line tweeted me the wind speed he had recorded on his wind speed meter. When do you think it will land here? I asked. Anytime now, came back and hark seconds til I heard the first howl, or bellow. Another person on Tweeter PatWong3 had earlier declared that wind speeds of 40 kt (knots) had hit her area in Tsawwassen. Very exciting to have weather nerds in the vicinity who, er, actually know something about meteorological science rather than my speculative and affectionate interest in weather.



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