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Communicable disease forecast

Environment Canada has introduced a 24-hour-breakdown for our weather forecast. This is welcome. Yesterday the first one I looked at indicated — accurately so far — 24 hours of rain. Non-stop per hour, per millisecond RAIN.

In house we are struck by a norovirus. My son was so violently ill all of yesterday that I am amazed to see him upright and naturally semi-video gaming today. I’ve been searching for some sort of provincial data on the state of such virus’s to no avail. There’s a pretty reasonable flu version, but nothing for virulent tummy flu. I’m surprised, mostly, because it might lessen attendance at the Emergency Room if people could cross check against what’s “in the area” so to speak.

I have to send solidarity to the 7 nursing homes or seniors residences on Vancouver Island that are plagued by the aforementioned norovirus according to a newspaper report I read.

I attempted to speed read Spinoza today, which wasn’t a particularly sensible thing to do. I think it may have something to do with the fact his name reminds me of spinach and I consume it only under duress and rapidly. Or possibly that my brain really fancied a bit of Snoopy instead but had a crossed line with George Eliot on the path to admitting it.

A very happy hand-sanitized and puddle plenty Saturday to you all.


On the way back from collecting said violently sick son yesterday, he announced in between up-chucks that when he got home he’d have to watch something to cheer himself up .. before expanding to …that something would be an episode of Top Gear. Lord in the leaves above says I, how on earth could the rattling argol-bargol of Jeremy Clarkson (The bouncing Argolbargoulist?) aide your upending stomach. He then sat through an episode of these thinly disguised grown- up 12 yr olds driving lorries across Burma. As if Burma hadn’t enough problems without the lorry lads showing up.

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