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I’m immediately upgrading said snow event to Sweaty Snow. The combination of heat and snow is odd. Your face expects to be frozen when it’s snowing, instead this snow somehow gives off heat. I was wondering how the forecast overnight could possibly be for rain, but now after a plod to buy completely digestively unwarranted items with no nutritional value it’s clear how this will evolve to rain.

Yuck. This is mixed signal weather.

In Montreal the variety of cold I experienced was what I’d term the frozen turnip head cold. Ottawa had the same temperature in November but was way less uncomfortable on the brain region. Montreal had a slicing wind. Also, Ottawa seemed to handle the snowfall better. Streets were cleared swiftly. Montreal streets are also cleared admirably compared to what would pass for salting and snow ploughs here, but the extreme physical discomfort when moving about there was more challenging. Does Ottawa receive that slicing wind I wonder? Was it just that I was there during an absence of it? Edmonton’s wind took me by surprise. I dread the state of one’s head when trying to trot about in that Edmonton wind & -40. It was quite balmy during my time there. (Last October).

That last paragraph reads rather like a weather jigsaw puzzle. I’ll await the brains on the matter to chime in below in the comments section and establish the facts to finish the puzzle.


Clarice Lispector has joined my reading pile. The Passion According to G.H. I’ve ordered another Thalia Field collection and shipped another copy of Point & Line to a friend. Aprés Montreal I want to reread Gail Scott’s The Obituary.  Plus there’s the Natalie Sarraute novel unread. And reading about the history of Confession has proferred a list of works that if I traced them all I’d be consumed til about 2022 with them alone. But I must look up Foucault on Confession.

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