Anakana Schofield – Award Winning Author of Bina, Martin John and Malarky

Snow with purgatory

We are in the middle, or coming towards the end, of a protracted snow event. It’s very strange. The temperature doesn’t feel cold enough for snow and yet, it relentlessly falls. However, in different parts of the city it fails to accumulate and on higher ground.. e.g. further away from the water it piles. This has made driving quite manageable. But we have had every variety of snow flake from fine salt to sifting flour snow to quarter sized flakes. There has been variation in the speed with which it has fallen. Last night it veered into “drowse” mode and watching it was nothing short of being given an anaesthetic that did not quite take.

This weather event has been quite intriguing because the slight adjustment in say .5 of a degree produced immediate change in size of snowflakes.

I spent the weekend absorbed in a book about the history of confession which contained invocations of purgatory and hellish human behaviour. Inside I was convening with 15th century priests and 17th century self flagellating head cases while outside la neige tombe par terre.

I wonder if there’s a weather forecasting service in or for purgatory.

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