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The complex weather event

We are waiting on the “complex” weather event, whose patterns will not be known until the system lands tomorrow. She was supposed to visit us today, but appears to have diverted or stopped off for a breather. She was initially promised at 2cm-7cm of snow, but may have been downgraded to freezing rain. As the weather statement tells us: she’s complex.

The sky is burdened looking, although there’s just a small wink of light appearing now.

Last night I went to eat with a friend in a small place that was so loud my balance organs did ballroom dancing. I think it might be time to create middle-aged dens where there are lights on for fading eyesight and self controlled volume levels for background music at every table. Or better still none. Or not a DJ who pumps it up in this case. I think a wrestling ring would prove more manageable to eat and natter beside. When we came outside we had an excellent frozen conversation on the sidewalk (pavement), where we threw words across to each other in a badminton match of relief — maybe because we could actually finally hear each other. Also, there’s nothing like minus temperatures to up your verbal word count.

Happy Sunday weather wonderers. Legwarmers on, get a pint of milk in and keep eyes skyward.

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