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El plunge

We are due a plunge in temperature tonight. By 2am it’s supposed to hit -5, by morning -8 which is -15 with the windchill factored in. This is a sudden and surprising descent for our temperature. It’s been preceded by a flash of sunny, azure blue-sky days — a factor that arctic outflow systems tend to bring.

I might not have even inquired of the temperature had my teen not expressed how cold he was to me. He’s never cold. These boyos could roam about in tee shirts, I’m freezing he said. I’m shivering. It was 4.30pm. This drove me to weathery inquiry and lo agus behold the imminent plunge revealed itself.

All evening I heard from friends with babies and young kids who are sick, mostly with stomach flu. Wouldn’t you imagine the low temperatures would kill such germs and stall all infection? Apparently not.

This is a legwarmer alert.

I am finishing reading a book here at the temperature plunges.  A book plein de tribulation.


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  • Lori says:

    That’s funny because I was just wondering how we could hook teenage boys to the energy grid as a form of sustainable energy.

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