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daily words, wording

I have begun to wonder if the word of the day is thematic or randomly generated or tied to current events.

In recent days: the Spanish word of the day included: pildora anticonceptiva [n]: a contraceptive in the form of a pill containing etc, virgen [a]: characteristic of a virgin or virginity… escala [n]: relative magnitude…

I’m wondering if the Spanish word of the day is in fact WORDS of the day since I appear to receive multiples, unless I signed up twice and it is truly individually random (!). Note in relation to those words there was a big protest this weekend about proposed changes to abortion laws in Spain.

From the Urban dictionary I received Tactical Orgasm defined as having an orgasm before making an important decision.

And finally from the more grey-suits at galligaskins: leggings or gaiters, usually of leather.

Put those into your random generator! I think it’s time to sign up for the Latin word of the day.


If bird watching is known as birding, might word-watching become known as wording?


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