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John Gaughan (RIP)

It is with further sadness I acknowledge the recent passing of my Uncle Johnny last Friday week.

Uncle Johnny was my favourite Uncle when I was nearly seven. (Hence I capitalize Uncle).

May he rest in peace and my thanks follow him into the grave for the Christmas of 1977 when he was so unbelievably kind to us. This was the year my father died. I can still recall the laughter he provoked in us that Christmas. I even recall the slippers I had on my feet as he made me laugh. (Very strange since I can barely recall the slippers I currently have in the hallway).

His sudden loss is very hard on his immediate family and siblings.


The morale of this post if there is to be any, beyond sadness, is if you’re given the choice between making someone miserable or laughter, I’d opt for laughter since as the above testifies laughter is a long-lasting memory. Thanks Uncle Johnny.


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  • Kerry says:

    This is lovely. Thinking of you and yours. And the slippers.

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