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Literary Unsinkables piece in The Guardian

Over at  The Guardian I have piece up on literary unsinkables in which I posit young folk or for that matter all folk, myself included, should learn Worstward Ho by heart. Some years ago I made a New Year’s resolution to learn to sing the Ave Maria, which I never quite accomplished. This year my New Year’s Res will be to put away the laundry that I have folded. I love to fold laundry. I rarely succeed in stowing it as carefully as I fold it. 2015 may be the year of Worstward Ho by heart.

Click here to read my collection of suggested titles  Since I find it virtually impossible to find anything on The Guardian book blog, I’m glad to see they’ve collected my pieces now under my name.

Anyone looking for a copy of Helen Potrebenko’s Taxi can order one from Lazara Press here as it is out of print and only sold by Lazara now.

It was gratifying to see people engaging with the list on social medja, with a number of comments to the positive on the inclusion of Anne Truitt. That was delightful as I read Truitt’s book about 15+ years ago and it was a case of lifting it from somewhere in a bookshop, where another shopper had misplaced it. A completely chance encounter, which then led me to the artist’s work. I love tripping over books this way.


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