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We are beset with rain. Two rainfall warnings in latter days. I have been besieged by the flu and strep G. I have no idea what strep G really is, but feel special on account of the fact it is neither A nor B. I contracted the flu in Alberta I think and have in honour of frost temperatures in Edmonton named it the arctic penguin flu. It was worth contracting it because the conversations I had at Wordfest were so enlightening and engaging.


Last night I read Book 23 of the Odyssey (Robert Fagles translation). I like reading the books within this book entirely out of sequence. Beside Book 23 I read Joanna Kavenna’s Inglorious which I highly recommend for it’s humour and language.

Next week I’ve decided to try to make Audrey Thomas reading week. Her work has been recommended to me time and time again and she’s a BC author I must become acquainted with.

Thank you to STARfest in St Albert and to WordFest in Banff/Calgary for the wonderful time I shared at your festival with readers, writers and thinkers. Thank you Xiaolu for the walk up the mountain.

Yes I believe in the flu shot.

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  • theresa says:

    I recommend Intertidal Life. I think it’s my favourite AT novel, though Wild Blue Yonder is pretty great too.

  • Anakana says:

    Hello Theresa, how lovely to hear from you. Thanks for the Audrey Thomas titles I shall look for them. I have two other titles that Margaret Atwood suggested so I shall be very busy with Audrey Thomas body of work. I hope you are very well, AK

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