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Breaking news: Horse Hoof storm happening

We are having our first megawatty storm of the season. I have christened her the Horse Hoof weather event and have my provincial weather watchers reporting in on Facebook. (Our lovely Victoria-based friend Anu is ahead of us in the storm, so she tells us what is on the way) Horse Hoof just landed the most extraordinary rain: gutters filled and gutters spilled like I’ve never seen them. The sound was most percussive and final 100 yard furlong-esque.

At 6am she, Horse Hoof, was proffering only splashy asphalt rain and the very very odd single gust of wind.

Winds of 90 kph are promised this afternoon and evening. I will keep watching.

You can never say enough about the weather, says I. Happy Saturday to you all.

Add your weather reports in the comments sections.

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