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Subsequent storm: The 1100

Last week we had a 6.2 earthquake off the coast of Bella Bella I believe it was. Several aftershocks. I was having my rib put back in because it had popped out again, hence I was getting relocated and did not have my usual earthquake nostrils available. They were facedown on the table.

The weather event known henceforth as The 1100.

On Thursday (was it?) there were 1100 lightning strikes in Vancouver. 5700 people lost power. That number may have been much higher. I boiled the kettle at 5700 and then drank tea frantically. It was splendid. Except we had to go to the dentist in the early part of it as my boy had to have two teeth pulled.

The two teeth had been growing in a direct East and a direct West out of the side of his gums. He had the mouth of Equine confusion. I’m v surprised he never complained since biting the inside of one’s mouth is common enough without having directly piercing the sides.

I think there was about 72 lightning strikes before the teeth left the gums. We witnessed the 1028 others either driving or inside the apt windows. I will say that the tea frantically drunk was that cup of tea, you know the one I’ve mentioned. That cup of tea with the particular taste that an unimpeded tongue chases.


In honour of their being no limits or qualifications required, I am going to read Padgett Powell’s novel written in nothing but questions as soon as I can lay my pinks upon it.

I continue to find Thalia Field’s Bird Lovers, Backyard remarkable and have decided to write on it in some way, shape or space whether it be here or there. I await Point and Line.


Today on the radio the word unedifying was used 4 times by the same woman. Or I heard the same soundbite 4 times? Either way a barometer of the current state of things?



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