Anakana Schofield – Award Winning Author of Bina, Martin John and Malarky

Debut-Litzer Fiction prize nomination for Malarky

I had a lovely surprise on landing at YVR to learn Malarky has been nominated for the Debut-Litzer  Fiction Prize along with two very interesting sounding short story collections: Garbage Night at the Opera by Valerie Fioravanti and Favorite Monster
by Sharma Shields. A shortlist of three women writers. Yippee!

I am not entirely sure what the Debut-Litzer Prize is (a play on Pulitzer) but I am never fluent in book prizes. I am fluent in weather speculation and inadvertent ways to kill my dill plant.

I understand it’s given out by a wonderful sounding arts organization in Portland and Brooklyn called Late Night Library. We salute anything with the word library in the title and is awarded to “talented writers early in their careers”. Late Night Library also organize multi-genre events, reading series and most importantly have a national campaign to support independent bookstores and publishers. (sound the trumpets! + again!)

Thank you Late Night Library for this lovely surprise of a nomination and your splendid work to support bookstores and publishers and writers. Congratulations to all the writers nominated in the different categories.

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