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In French I was born in 1949

Fantastic news, on today’s Radio-Canada segment that discussed Malarky, alongside the Art Spiegelman Exhibit at the VAG and George Fetherling’s memoir, it was stated that I was born in 1949. Zing! Just like that I was 33 years older and delighted to be so. Because this meant my left kidney was no worse than it has been to date. At first I thought I was 70, but in fact no, they’d made me a mere 64. I was a bit sad because the most useful people I know are 70+.

The host Marie-Louise confused me with George Fetherling. Then she seemed to generously remark that obviously I’d lived a rich life with lots of experiences (it was all in very rapido French, so this may not be the exact translation). I have lived a life with lots of recent attention on the weather. It’s a frisky business this weather watching! I was born in 1971, but am much happier with this reassigned birth date so it may stick.

A grand merci to Radio-Canada and to their Vancouver correspondent Monsieur Charles for talking eloquently and passionately about my book. It’s lovely to hear one’s work discussed en Francais. So mes cheries french publishers, nous vous attendons!

Click here to scroll down to the Art Spiegelman segment et bien ecouter! 

et merci encore a Charles et Marie-Louise for making my day with this great moment! I am a big Radio-Canada fan and listener (I have a slow, tortoise like approach to the beloved french language, but God loves a french speaking tortoise)

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