Anakana Schofield – Award Winning Author of Bina, Martin John and Malarky


I had a splended evening in the very warm company of the supporters of the Indian Summer Festival tonight. The festival, which I urge all to attend, happens in July in Vancouver and I’ll be appearing on a panel this year. Tonight was a fundraiser event, with a beautiful view of the sea, exquisite food and lots of fun.
The music was especially memorable. An unusal instrument something between a sitar and a violin with a megaphone horn at the end of it acompaneid by some drums, which had the most fantastic tuning hammer. (photo coming). I will uncover the correct name for these instruments.

After all that joy and joviality the news began to seep in that the election was not looking good for the NDP and by the time I returned home catastrophe had struck! I am pleased that the candidate was elected in our riding, but the clear geographic divisions on the map begin to ressemble the US in this province.

It’s perplexing to contemplate that some voters may not share the same values as oneself around education, equality, poverty accress to mental health support, the environment for starters. I remind myself this is democracy, one vote, one person but long for the system we have in ireland where you can assign your vote to transfer to other candidates if your number one is not elected on the first round. This means Independents and the Green can win and be elected.

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