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Malarky Wins First Novel Award

I can report a boldly, cold wind today in Toronto and some sunny old news last night. Malarky won the 37th First Novel Award to my astonishment. In my thank you speech I acknowledged the importance of the continuum of literature over single titles. I acknowledged how important the work of three Vancouver women writers has been to me: Helen Potrebenko, Renee Rodin and Judith Copithorne.

It was a lovely night, a great deal of craic was had ensemble and I am most grateful for the warmth of those around me and the jokes. The snacks were spectacular.

This morning I was on Canada AM where I got rather up close to the weather forecaster and read for host of the show. I was quite astounded by how morning telly works. The sets, the shifts, the mini episodes. I will post the video of me making a spectacular morning heap of myself when I find a plug outlet.

In the meantime, here is the National Post story including a rather unhinged looking photo.

Thank you to everyone who sent me such warm messages: they were much appreciated. My mother will be getting a new back door with the winnings and my son will be going to the long-overdue orthodontist.

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