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The decline of clothes pegs

Today I found myself contemplating the declining quality of clothes pegs I was trying to recall their quality in the 1970’s and 1980’s and whether they were sturdier? I rather drew a blank. But I think the expectation existed that your clothes pegs would endure beyond a few peg ups. Now they seem to crumble after a snap or two on a single sock.

Concurrently i noticed a sign on a Kits bar/restaurant today that stated “LOCAL since ’09”, I thought this indicative of the present state of things given that 2009 is only 3 years ago. I am used to seeing businesses in other places proclaiming on their signs they’ve been in biz since 1921, 1940, 1959. The shoe repair man around the corner Bob has been in business for I think it might be 50 years. I wonder if proclaiming being local for 3 years will eventually become the mark of vintage.

In weather news, the sun was ever so bright today. I was surprised to see people out sunbathing, there was light, but not necessarily heat. Goose pimple city ! I concluded the sunbathers must be in the menopause.

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