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Bingo language fixer

The evidence is in. It is much easier to repair a hoover than an italian expresso maker. Both items I have attempted to repair in the past 7 days, both items were recycled hand me downs from friends. I was thrilled to discover the world of online hoover/vacuum repair videos and perused a few too many given I had a very specific hoover to repair, however I had to contemplate the extent of the available documentation. I must commend and comment on the enthusiasm of some of these repair-sharing folk. In the world of hoovers, the rapid naming of the parts number is impresssive. Hoover repair parts nearly constitute their own language, a member of the bingo language group.

Gaggia expresso makers also have an online army of surgeons who detail their “mods” and repairs and thanks be to God for the one who uploaded his “mod”, which I had little interest in, except it showed it jigsaw level stages how to open the darned machine. What a revelation and what a disappointment that after taking it apart from both ends, three times and once respectively, the darn beast still made the forceful WAAAAAH noise and no water appeared when I turned it on. The surgery on the coffee maker used approx 7 different screw drivers and a good ole hardy kitchen knife.

I wonder if the people vs built in obsolescence could become an act, a protest movement of economic resistance ? I have to confess I am very tempted to chuck this hefty gaggia, yet I know I am probably three steps away from fixing it, so should return to the battlefield. Fixing stuff is always rewarding even if you destroy you hands in the process.


Sunshine with deadlines has been the weather forecast today.

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