Anakana Schofield – Award Winning Author of Bina, Martin John and Malarky

Paging Campbell River: Thank you

Thank you to all the wonderful people who live in Campbell River and who attended the Words on the Water Festival this past weekend. Thank you to the organizers of this superb festival. It was one of the warmest and most engaged audiences I have ever read to. The audience gather for multiple events over two days, so that’s quite a commitment for them and their spirits held strong. This is very rewarding for a writer. I like Campbell River even more than I did historically. Is this possible? Maybe I need to move there someday.

The food was also terrific. A blueberry chutney on a pistachio encrusted wild salmon is still on my mental tastebuds and I loved the Jimmy K sparkling wine from the South End Vineyard on Quadra. We stayed in a lovely spot called Dolphins Resort. I read with Fred Wah at one event and am now reading his critical essays: Faking It Poetics & Hybridity. Fred interviewed Mohawk poet & visual artist & Poet Laureate Janet Rogers, which I enjoyed and Janet, along with JJ Lee, also taught me ping pong. I look forward to nattering more to Janet when I go to Victoria/Lewungen Land in May for the BC Book Prize Gala.  And again I thank the good people of Campbell River for their warm support and excellent company.

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