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Tripping into collage

At 1:10:00 Jim O’Rourke’s new composition for the Glasgow Improvisors Orchestra can be heard. O’Rourke submitted his score via a double pack of playing cards. Each one containing an instruction to various instruments in the orchestra. I find the compact nature — small rectangles — of the record of his composition fascinating. And how it transforms in the hand/eye of the musicians. The title of the piece: Some I Know, Some I Don’t has a rectangular equality to it: precisely the same number of letters on either side of the comma.

While I listened to the piece I was researching Jeanne Randolph’s ficto-criticism and reading in FUSE her piece Interpreting Water.

This was co-incidental because I tripped over Jim O’Rourke, but went hunting for Jeanne Randolph.

I would love Jim O’Rourke to interpret my novel Malarky through a series of musical instructions to the French horn written on a packet of recipe cards.

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  • beespeaker says:

    Thanks for the O’Rourke. I am listening to it now. Just to drop a couple of names: I have met Jean Randolph and George Lewis.

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