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Bridget condos

The other night I walked across the Granville Street bridge and it occurred to me that bridges could soon be locations pounced upon by real estate speculators and that custom slimmed condo towers may soon be plonked in the middle of them and determined to be the ultimate place to live. As I pondered this I could imagine the advertising slogans and what they’d promise. The property would naturally be called “Bridget”

This just caught my eye about the speculated upon BIG tower: “If approved for construction it would rise 52 storeys from a narrow base next to the Granville Bridge and curve up to the top.”

Not much of a hop or a slight misread of the plans (curve around and over onti the top) til my premonition could be realized.



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  • Keith Morgan says:

    Reminds me of William Gibson’s Bridge trilogy or Ross King’s observations on London Bridge in the 1600s

  • mrsokana says:

    Thank you for these references Keith. What were Ross King’s observations in the 1600’s on London Bridge? Can you direct me to a title? I used to be a neighbour of Tower Bridge.

  • Keith Morgan says:

    Ross King in his novel Ex Libris.

  • mrsokana says:


  • Sara O'Leary (@saraoleary) says:

    It’s a very old/new idea.
    I’ve heard that several dis-used railway bridges on the prairies are up for possible conversion.
    This also reminds me of my conviction that I was going to go into labour on Burrard Bridge as it stood between us and the hospital. When people asked what we planned to call our baby I would say Burrard for a boy and Bridget for a girl.

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