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The Massive Cabbage Visit

Yesterday a friend emailed with the words “I will bring you a cabbage…”

It was an offer way too tempting to resist, despite the slight John the Baptist vibe to it. Do not fear JTB. And If you want to get the world talking: mention Cabbage. (Henceforth capitalized due to its powerful camaraderie) Before the Cabbage arrived I had seven different ideas from social medja of what to do with it. At 3.30pm it landed. On my blue kitchen table. It is a massive Cabbage. At 6pm we ate some of it, very tasty. It remains a massive Cabbage There’s so much left it could make another 45 dinners.

If anyone ever says I will bring you a Cabbage, encourage them to do so. This Cabbage was grown in Burnaby. Thank you Helen for the Cabbage.

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