Anakana Schofield – Award Winning Author of Bina, Martin John and Malarky


I’m pleased to report I’ve received complaints about the weather in four cities this week! Of course complaints are a good thing since that means people are attending to the weather and examining it, which is to be encouraged…

The talk in other parts of the province here is flood warnings and rivers rising. Closer to home it’s really been exceptionally shite, drowned onion weather. But today on the radio they were saying it is normal for it to be cold in June so what do we know? Apparently nothing.

What I do know is I caved in and turned the heating on again today, how and ever when I went for the switch it was already on. Unbeknownst. I must have turned it back on weeks ago in despair.


This evening I was at a Vancouver Writers Festival event, where the line up for this year’s festival was unveiled.  I am delighted to be appearing at the festival with Malarky this year. I’m equally delighted to have been invited to a number of other festivals from Winnipeg to IFOA (Harbourfront) to Brooklyn and beyond. Thank you to them all for supporting Malarky.

It was very heartening to meet three people tonight who recalled Helen Potrebenko’s novel Taxi! And one man who told me he’d even been at the VPL event I organized for Taxi! a few years ago. Even more exciting was the news this week that Taxi! is now going to be taught by one ace history Professor at SFU. I think if I remember rightly we met the particular professor during the performance art intervention Lori W and I did at Not Sent Letters. I love these ripples and how they roll out from one moment and create a new one. Fantastic! Glory be for the brave readers who pick up a book and engage!

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