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Flare Magazine select Malarky as one of their 5 Summer Hot Picks

Thank you so much to Flare Magazine who selected Malarky as one of their 5 Summer Hot Picks.

You’ll note they selected it alongside 50 Shades of Six Million Copies. I am fairly confident that my dubious sex in Malarky is far more satisfying for women readers and I welcome all 6 Million of them to read Malarky as soon as possible and then dispute this assertion in the comments section below. I shall happily atone once the millions report back.



5 Responses to “Flare Magazine select Malarky as one of their 5 Summer Hot Picks”

  • Vickie Lester says:

    Well done, Flare — and more to the point, well done, you! Just read page one of your book online and I laughed out loud. The rest I’ll leave for a treat after I pick up a copy. Looking forward to it and I wish you sales surpassing E.L.

  • mrsokana says:

    Thank you so much Vickie for your warm thoughts and for reading Malarky. I hope you enjoy it. Report back!

  • Bill Daly says:

    Don’t think it posted so I’ll try it again.
    the reader Bill (from Ohio)

  • Bill Daly says:

    Your comment was very funny. Was that Philomena talking? It sounded like her.

    the reader Bill (from Ohio)

  • mrsokana says:

    Hello Bill,

    Thanks for commenting. I am glad you enjoyed the comment! And thanks for that great description of your experience reading Malarky that you posted at the Longest Chapter. Fascinating to hear about your engagement with the novel. I must blog a link to that comment so others can also read it.

    Also I hope things are recovering in Ohio after the terrible weather you endured there.

    Best, AK.

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