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Seasoned awakening

We are entering the season of snow felt flooding forecast, a time I usually pay attention to. There were flood predictions for the Fraser River last year or the year before that fortunately did not materialize. I am very fond of the Fraser, well the few patches I have glanced at.

The B.C. River Forecast Centre says a higher than normal snowpack has created an “exceptional” seasonal flood risk.

On Tuesday, the centre released its latest report on snowpack conditions, outlining which regions are at the greatest risk.



Finally today I got my arse down to the community garden to attend to my plot of nuclear sized weeds. What a tragedy she is this year. The flowerman kindly put some manure on my plot a few weeks ago, so that will help with the digging and pulling. The gardeners were out by the half-a-dozen and generously inquired about my book, bless them. There’s a plan to help me move some soil to my plot at the work party on Saturday — ah community at its best.

This year the soil is looking so much happier after my unfortunate attempt to drown it in peat last year. Very bad idea. I am off the peat! Quite a few of the gardens are coming to life. A couple have these space age red insulation contraptions around single plants. They are bit like swollen or inflated sleeping bags and look like they contain contraband, but I think it’s most likely just tomato plants or basil.

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