Anakana Schofield – Award Winning Author of Bina, Martin John and Malarky


During the past 48 hours I have possibly had more photos taken of me than in the previous 41 years. (I grew up in the instamatic era…I still remember flash cubes on cameras)

Yesterday’s photoshoot involved a great deal of weather and building contemplation. I was most fortunate to work with a lovely photographer named David who introduced me to a whole series of streets and areas in Richmond I’d never encountered before. I also learned, how many buildings locally are painted the identical tan colour because we were looking for buildings with solid bright colours. It was a rainy day yesterday, but a great deal of fun was had and I now have a micro-geography (as Tony Judt might say) of odd buildings that are brightly coloured dotted here and there in distant Richmond, along with a whole new appreciation of industrial landscapes and what they offer the eye and the ear.

Today’s photo adventure was more local and the photographer was easily persuaded of the merits of an industrial pipe that I’d admired wandering past in recent days and today got to stand inside. We had a very nice chat walking to and from my suggested spots. I even learnt about broga. (Brotherly yoga aka yoga for blokes)

Visual journeys both. I was lucky to work with such nifty and inspired dudes.


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