Anakana Schofield – Award Winning Author of Bina, Martin John and Malarky

It was a sunny …

It was a sunny Friday which allowed the cherry blossoms some respite from their chronic bathing latterly. They stick to the bottom of shoes in an unflattering manner and, for that matter, a flattening manner. I sometimes feel a bit disraught at that beautiful canopy being trampled and mushed underfoot.

Yesterday co-incidentally I encountered a Canada goose who initially seemed distraught. He wandered over to my car window and honked at me and then ambled around staring. I worried he/she might be injured so returned on foot to have a chat with him. What a beautiful creature! He was occupying the road unconcerned by the threat of traffic, preening himself. They have such agile necks and if troubled by an itch they do a loop, invert their heads upside down and scratch the back of their neck/heads. Finally he/she lifted his back plummage out, umbrella-ish, in demonstration mode before settling on a patch of grass and continuing to ignore the urban passings. I was very struck by the way this goose occupied public space and was undeterred by the noise or systems.


There have been some wonderful reviews of Malarky this week that I will post tomorrow once the sun has risen.

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