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Pandering alpha

It’s clear after listening to an NPR piece today on neuroscience and creativity that reading the book on How to build a shed induced a state of alpha brain waves. I wonder if I built a model of a shed would it do likewise. If I was to attempt to repeat the process I read about. Perhaps some topics are just to be read about.


I was previously thoroughly enamoured to penguins. I did not think any creature could top the penguin, but they’ve been joined by the male Panda. I had no idea that the male panda has to be able to do a handstand as part of its scenting ritual (pre-mating carryon). My reincarnation options now include coming back as a male panda, note to the reincarnation list maker, if you are out there making notes. Mark my reincanration file with checks against penguin, panda, weather forecaster and shed builder.


The weather is doing curious things. I read about storms in the plural in a tweet from Ohio. (are they successive or parallel I wonder?) There was a storm reported in Mayo today also. Here a dirty cloud took up the sky for several hours, then gave way to a descending chill, a biting wind that surprised me and is now tinkling out there. A bite of metal rain alright.

I am already excited about the new weather forecasting info a student of atmospheric science sent my way, despite not yet comprehending what the maps mean. The scope of what they might mean is plenty satisfying. My excitement is what the maps might show in the morning when I click on them and fail to comprehend them. This is the beauty of being a fiction writer. I can draw my own conclusions!

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