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Mega-watty bluster

Overnight a major wind event, the like of which hasn’t been seen I hazard since 2006. Your trusty forecaster here was convening with it when it began around the midnight mark.

This system surprised me. Yesterday I noted wind warnings for Victoria and Campbell River but nothing for Nanaimo. I was suspicious!

By 1am I was outside in my pj’s scrambling to save my greenhouse which had risen and blown over the balcony. I settled in for a serious weather event. It blew all night and all day and well I am keeping an eye on it. There’s still the odd wave.

What was particularly fascinating with this storm was the icy-grip on the cheeks, which burned into mine, as I ventured along the road to inspect the local foliage and collect caffeine so many hours later. (would that be 10-11 hrs maybe)

I was laughing as around 1am I checked the readings and they offered a paltry 37-54 kph. Huh, says I not likely. By morning they’d finally upped them to 80kph. Truly we need a bit more edge from our weather peeps.

For a while there I was encouraging some collaborative forecasting/weather reporting on Facebook with some pals dotted about the Island. Very fun when we get collective weather weigh-ins going on.  Highly recommend it.

My best weather collaborator is my mother, who sends daily reports and maintains an enthusiasm for weather news from the other sea (or ocean) to her.  Between the two of us we have the Atlantic and the Pacific covered.

Anyway Glory Be to the Weather! We are well provided for. Honestly I love the weather in Vancouver more and more, it is a source of startling fulfillment for me. I heartily encourage everyone to pay attention to it. Deep meteorological topography.

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