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Adventures in sledge hockey

Have I mentioned how much I am enjoying playing sledge hockey? It’s been five whole weeks since we started. I have to confess the hockey part is a bit lost on me, but I enjoying the barrelling about on the sledge (which is its own unique skill).

I find it very hard to unite stick or pick as it is called and puck, but really enjoy turning left and right and in circles at high speed. (by my calculations)

Yesterday we learnt how to be “defensive” on the boards. You huddle yourself in close, so you do not sustain injuries. It’s preemptive. It reminded me of the way David Foster Wallace used his knowledge of the wind direction in Junior Tennis.

The dilemma of very cold feet and hands in sledge hockey has yet to be tackled but I am thrilled to have discovered this new sport. The small male has already advanced to the intermediate level ! He of resistant fame!

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