Anakana Schofield – Award Winning Author of Bina, Martin John and Malarky

Narcoleptic Government

I was just reading a list of people who have narcolepsy and noted a competitve road cyclist and a molecular geneticist were both on the list. I was kind of relieved to see the geneticist in there and imagined him poking about on the topic inside test tubes or his own cheeks.


There was a piece on CBC Radio tonight about the federal government’s insane decision to completely withdraw funding from the Arctic Atmospheric Station (part of CFCAS). It was this station that discovered the largest ozone hole ever found over the arctic. Thus it’s clear that this oil clappy govt have withdrawn funding on ideological grounds and because they are so dim they refute climate change and the need to observe and record atmospheric changes and shifts up there. I truly hope the first epic piece of ice shelf that breaks free and comes flowing towards us will make a beeline for the left leg of Stephen Harper’s bed.

Earlier this week I watched Gasland about natural gas fracking in the States. Terrfiying to see people’s water supply completely contaminated and to realize that with no water supply we are completely screwed. Frack off says I.

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